Presidential elections results

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By Uche F. Uche, Damaturu.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Yobe state has released the election results in six local government areas for the just concluded presidential election.

The Collation Officer for presidential election in the state, Prof.Umaru Pate, presided over the results’ collation exercise at the INEC presidential collation centre in Damaturu.

Prof.Umar Pate is the Vice Chancellor of Federal University kashere, Gombe state presided as the collection officer at INEC office in Damaturu, the state capital.

The local government results declared includes; Gujba, Gulani, Damaturu, Tarmuwa, Karasuwa and Machina respectively.

Yobe has a total of 1, 485, 146 registered voters.

The results are as follows;

1-Tarmuwa LGA

Registered votes: 46,272
Accredited votes:9,884

ADP- 32
PDP- 4178
LP- 7
NNPP- 118

Registered Votes:73774
Accredited votes: 16806

APC- 6643
ADC- 56
LP- 25
NNPP- 217

Total Valid votes: 15490
Total Rejected Votes: 1312
Total Votes Cast: 16802

Registered Votes:66721
Accredited votes: 18587

APC- 7995
ADP- 59
LP- 06
NNPP- 767

Total Valid votes: 17,756
Total Rejected Votes: 183
Total Votes Cast: 18569


Registered Votes:119349
Accredited votes: 27672

APC- 7306
ADP- 84
LP- 769
NNPP- 553

Total Valid votes: 25953
Total Rejected Votes: 1612
Total Votes Cast: 27565


Registered Votes: 45848
Accredited votes: 48,007

APC- 8067
ADP- 78
LP- 31
NNPP- 797

Total Valid votes: 12812
Total Rejected Votes: 1082
Total Votes Cast: 13894


Registered Votes: 82254
Accredited votes: 26499

APC- 8060
ADP- 65
LP- 147
NNPP- 464

Total Valid votes: 25070
Total Rejected Votes: 1308
Total Votes Cast: 26378

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