2027: Youth Group Appeals to Senator Ahmed Lawan to Run for Yobe Governor

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The Coalition for Yobe East Progressive Youths drum up support for Senator Ahmed Lawan to contest for the governorship of Yobe State.

Dr Yarima Goni, the President of the coalition made the call at a press briefing on Sunday Damaturu.

The group cited the need for strong and visionary leadership to drive the state towards prosperity, given its slow pace of progress compared to other states in the nation.

They praised Senator Lawan’s qualities of integrity, vision, and effective governance and his proven track record.

The group urged lawan to heed the call of duty and offer himself as a candidate for governor in 2027.

The group also vowed to rally behind Senator Lawan and mobilise support for his contest, and even threatened to take legal action if necessary to compel him to run.

The group added that their vision for Yobe state under Senator Lawan’s leadership includes access to quality education, thriving businesses, and improved infrastructure.

They also called on all stakeholders to unite in this endeavor to secure a promising future for Yobe state.

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