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The Tinubu for President Action Group (T4PAG) Worldwide, a celebrated support group with prominence throughout the campaign period, has sent a congratulatory message to the President-elect, Dr Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


In the message, the Chairman/Convener of the Support Group Prince ‘Lanre Adegun congratulates Asiwaju on behalf of his group spread across all the States of Nigeria and across the continents, on his remarkable triumph.

Prince ‘Lanre Adegun and the President-Elect

“We never at any moment became distrustful about your capability, capacity, and readiness to take up the mantle of leadership here and now when the country is in multiple challenges. We could not find an alternative person to consider for the highest job in the land. You were, and still Nigeria’s only candidate and the only option to salvage Nigeria from her current dire straits.


“We all saw this coming. It is not news that you were returned as the democratically voted president-elect. It is a long-deserved honour for someone who had been tried and tested in a similar but smaller terrain. We all know – including your political rivals, – that you are a true Nigerian without any barrier, the most prepared, and well-equipped to step into these bigger shoes for the job without intimidation or fear.


“Your unique approach to governance coupled with your record of strong leadership in difficult times is flawless. A good example was during the time Lagos State’s Local Government fund allocations were stopped by the government under former President Olusegun Obasanjo.” He added.


In his responses during an interview, Prince Adegun thanked his Asiwaju ‘die-hards’ in T4PAG globally; the indefatigable, and enviable group spread all over the world, for their unflinching support financially and largely for their pig-headedness and unrelenting belief in Asiwaju as ‘the best and only option here and now’.


“I say a special ‘thank you’ to our Executive members including all the Coordinators within and outwith Nigeria, and all our members for their awesome assistance. It was a unity of purpose at work. I salute you. There was a time we thought we could not survive financially, but our members dug deep into their savings to voluntarily provide the necessary funds needed to keep us afloat as funds never came from anywhere else. You have all made me proud. Thank you for keeping your eyes on the ball.


“Asiwaju is a master strategist, a bridge-builder, and a talent hunter who believes in human capital resources development, teamwork, and inclusive democracy. I can tell you for free that he will deliver on his promises as stipulated in the Party’s manifesto and campaign promises, and more.


“We are not done yet as a group; so, watch this space. We wish our President-elect well. So help him God.” He concluded.


Prince ‘Lanre Adegun’s support for the President-elect stretches beyond his own support group, as he is also the Director-General for Progressives Solidarity for Asiwaju (PSA), and Director, Media and Publicity for Nigeria Diaspora for Asiwaju (NDA).

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